**NEW:  Prime Health Massage Therapy & Chiropractic Clinic Inc. is happy to introduce our newest addition to the team Amanda Chu , Registered Massage Therapist, check out her Bio and feel free to book an appointment online, by email or call us at 416-365-1016 **


Prime Health Massage Therapy & Chiropractic Clinic Inc. (previously known as Healing Hands Massage Therapy & Chiropractic Clinic) is a 2014 Patient's Choice Award Winner! We have been ranked as one of the Top 10 clinics in Toronto! A special Congratulations to Dirce Mojica, for also being recognized as one of Toronto's top Registered Massage Therapists! Click here to see our ranking!


Our Clinic

We are an evidence-based health care clinic located in the heart of Toronto's financial district. Our clinic offers massage treatments to patients suffering from muscle tension, back pain, headaches, stress and more. We focus our treatments on our patients' specific needs and provide a maintenance treatment plan when needed. 


Our patients come from many different backgrounds ranging from business professionals to athletes, each presenting with different complaints. Our goal is to provide each individual with the specific treatment they need to feel better and improve their overall health.  

It is our belief that our patients should leave our clinic feeling better than when they arrived. We strive to make this a possibility with each patient we treat.  

Registered Massage Therapy

Registered massage therapists complete a minimum of 2200 hours of extensive training at an approved massage therapy school and are registered by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario under the Regulated Health Professions Act and Massage Therapy Act of Ontario.  

Our therapists have extensive knowledge in health sciences, orthopaedic assessment as well as treating and preventing musculoskeletal conditions. Postural retraining, therapeutic exercise and self care advice can all be provided by our Registered Massage Therapists.  

Massage therapy treatments are covered by most extended health benefits. Contact your insurance provider for information on your health benefits.  


Chiropractors complete a four-year doctorate degree after completing their undergraduate degree at a recognized university. They are registered by the College of Chiropractors of Ontario under the Regulated Health Professions Act and the Chiropractic Act. Many chiropractors hold additional certification in Acupuncture and are registered with the Acupuncture Council of Ontario. 

Chiropractors have extensive training in neurological and musculoskeletal health. After completing a full orthopedic and often, neurological, assessment, they use a combination of natural clinical interventions and strategies to optimize patient care. These may include: soft tissue therapies (myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Graston technique), spinal manipulation, joint mobilizations, rehabilitation exercises, orthotics, nutritional advice (diet control, supplementation), sleep management, modalities (laser, ultrasound, IFC), fitness management, acupressure, and acupuncture.  

Chiropractic treatment, Acupuncture, and Orthotics are covered by most extended health benefits. Contact your insurance provider for more information.